The TicketAssistant system is now being sunset. No new copies of the software are available. If you are an existing licensed customer you can download additional copies for installation on your PC - see below.

For existing customers, the system will continue to be operation for the remainder of 2022 and for the first 8 months of 2023. The Online Sales feature will be permanently shut down starting in September of 2023 (next September). At that time the online sales component of the system will no longer be operational. The desktop (boxoffice) TicketAssistant program installed on your PC will continue to be functional indefinitely, though without the online sales feature.

Online renewal fees are no longer required as of now. Your online account will continue to function normally until September of 2023.

Download the Desktop Software

Existing TicketAssistant customers can download additional copies of the desktop software using the following link:
Download TicketAssistant 4.0.73 (March   2022)

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